ESL One Cologne – Fnatic brings home a 3rd Major

Over the weekend ESL hosted a major CS:GO event, ESL One Cologne, and boy what an event it was!

The fan favourites Team EnVyus, Fnatic, Virtus Pro and TSM made it through the 1st day with ease winning their matches and making it to the quarter finals. Fnatic only dropped four rounds overall in the group stages, showing their dominance and the fact that they were there to win!

While the 1st day went as expected there were some upsets on the 2nd day. USA’s number 1 team, Cloud 9, lost in a close game to the all star team, Team Kinguin, with a great performance from ScreaM. The team also secured their place in the quarter finals to play against TSM. With a close double overtime win on Cobblestone, Luminosity beat Flipside to also secure their quarter final spot against Fnatic. Na’Vi and NiP also had a great showing to make their way into the quarterfinals


Once the Quarter finals came thats when things got interesting, even though every game was 2-0 that does not tell the whole story.

The LANXESS Arena was packed with 11,000 people as 8 teams remained to battle it out for the $250,000 prize pool. The format of the playoffs is a single elimination best-of-three and despite all teams giving their best, none of the matchups lasted until game three. Team EnVyUs, TSM , Virtus.Pro and Fnatic moved on to the semi-finals. Envyus beat Na’Vi 16-13 on Inferno and 16-10 on Mirage. The match against TSM is where Kinguin’s run ended with a swift 16-6 win on Dust 2 and 16-8 on Overpass. Virtus.Pro, while not the best team in the game, were showing their dominance against Ninja in Pyjamas, while the 1st game was close on Train 16-14 and they won easily on Inferno 16-5. Luminosity was Fnatic’s 1st real challenge of the weekend, after a swift 16-5 on Train Mirage did not seem to be so easy with the Brazilians putting on a show and losing by 2 rounds with a 16-14 win for Fnatic.



After the Thrilling Quarter finals time came to decide who would claim victory of the major and lift the ESL One Trophy. Four of the worlds greatest CS:GO Teams were about to go head to head for their share of the whopping $250,000 prize pool. Team EnVyUs went head to head with Team SoloMid (TSM) for the 1st match of the day. While EnVyUs were still a relatively new team with KennyS and Apex coming from Titan to join the French’s best team they seemed unstoppable!

With Cache being their pick it was no doubt they would win, and so they did 16-6. Dust 2 is where the series got interesting with TSM picking up an easy 16-8. On came Inferno and with some great performances EnVyUs were able yo pick up the win 16-9. Virtus.Pro vs Fnatic was the interesting semi-Final after Fnatic was beaten 16-6 on Mirage and were down 13-8 on Inferno all hope was lost for Fnatic but after a time out Fnatic were able to pull themselves together and with some very magnificent plays from Olofmeister and Krimz they were able to make the comeback and win 16-14. Olofmeister himself admitted that before the pause his team had doubts that they would win that map, but after the pause they had none at all. On Cobblestone it was a completely different ball game, Fnatic were on their map and seemed unstoppable beating Virtus.Pro every chance they got with a swift 16-7.


On came the Finals between Fnatic and EnVyUs and boy was it good! EnVyus picking Dust 2 was a weired pick as they lost that map in the semi-finals but I guess they had a plan, and it was a good one! EnVyUs were able to go up 10-5 at the half and were up 14-7 by the time Fnatic called a time out. After this the momentum shifted and the start of one of the best comebacks and Fnatic’s best ever performance on the Terrorist side on Dust 2 started. Krimz pulled off a sick 1v3 triple kill and thats where it all began. They were able to bring it back to 14-10 when EnVyUs finally brought it to match point to be 15-10. Fnatic’s economy was broken and went into the round with a very broken buy and pulled off a great round rushing short after faking a long push on to A and then brought it back to 15-15. In over time Fnatic were able to win 4 straight rounds with a crazy 4 AWP set up in round 3. On Cobblestone Fnatic crushed EnVyUs, it seemed like the loss on Dust 2 was too much on them and coming into Fnatic’s probably best map there was no hope. Fnatic were up 9-6 at the half and EnVyUs were only able to pick up 1 round at the 2nd half finishing the match 16-7 and Fnatic were crowned champions.

They have made history as they are now the only team with three major wins and back-to-back ESL One champions. This is why Fnatic are the best team in the world right now!

Did you watch ESL One Cologne? If so did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below


Written by: Public Relations Office


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