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Hello Tactical Gaming, TG SirMadness checking back in. Today, I am here to announce an event being run by the Battlefield division — specifically, XBOX ONE brigade — where 1st battalion and 2nd battalion are going against each other in a Scrim called:  OPERATION: TOTAL WAR.  In late January, a

AGDQ 2018 Review

Hey everyone Boyo here. Last week was the week of Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) — a charitable Speedrunning event where 100’s of Speedrunners get together, Speedrun and show off their favorite games to the world. This event has been going on since 2011. Over these years they have raised

Anticipated Games of 2018

With 2017 behind us, gamers are aware of several games that have been revealed for (or pushed back to) the 2018 year yet ahead of us. Some of them have caused quite a stir and are highly anticipated. While it sometimes appears as though the phrase ‘killer app’ has become

Burnout Paradise HD remaster gains momentum

Criterion’s open-world entry in the Burnout series, Burnout Paradise, looks set to return; with an HD re-release. There have been several reports that have said an HD re-release will be launching this March, for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Gematsu has reported that a Japanese retailer has listed

Gaming League Newsletter January 2018

Gaming League has undergone a major overhaul in recent times and its new look website has prompted a massive surge in membership and interest in competitive interests. Through the course of January and into early February, Gaming League has a number of events lined up for those eager to test

Overwatch News

  OVERWATCH LEAGUE After a number of complaints coming from the fans, Twitch and The Overwatch League have signed an agreement to show every match of the league on the streaming service, in the following languages: English, French and Korean. Additionally, fans who tune in to watch the stream will

Pizza for Recruits

Tactical Gaming’s Halo Division issues an invitation to all members to participate in their recruiting contest where pizza is on the line for the winners.

Xbox Games With Gold – January 2018

Microsoft has announced the free games that will come with their subscription service, Games with Gold, for the month of January. Starting from 1st January, the following games will be available (Platforms & Duration for the games are next to the titles):   Xbox One The Incredible Adventures of Van

PlayStation Plus Games – January 2018

Sony has announced the free games that will come with their subscription service, PlayStation Plus, for the month of January. Starting from 2nd January, the following games will be available: PlayStation 4 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided The year is 2029, and mechanically augmented humans have been deemed outcasts, segregated from

Feedback: What You Want to Read 1

In late November of 2017, the Public Relations Office (PRO) passed on a message from those of us on TG’s News Team, asking you what you want to read about the most. Many, many of you responded. We thank all of you who did. For those of you who didn’t

Team Talk – BF1 Division Staff – Part 2

Moose checking in to bring you part two of Team Talk with BF1 Division Staff! Let’s see what else the team had to say about leadership and teamwork.   NT:  Can the BGC’s please name one thing your learned from Kacy. Kacy, please tell me one thing you learned from each

In the Trenches, Series entry I

Greetings to my fellow gamers. This series is focused on interviewing the squad members and squad staff of Tactical Gaming. This initial entry and the few after will be focused on our 3rd Corps before we progress to Series II.   ~ Interview with TG ThatGuyColin, Squad Leader of Fury,

CoC Spotlight: TG FatalityV1

The Chain of Command Spotlight shines on Tactical Warfare’s 3rd Corps Commander TG FatalityV1 — “Fate” to those of us who know him — in position now just over one year:   1. Who are you in RL? My name is Chris, I’m 21. I’m a pretty average guy that

Rainbow Six Siege New Operators

Hey everyone, Boyo checking in. This week the new Rainbow Six Siege operators for Year 3 Season 1 have been released to everyone. 1 week prior they were released to all Season pass holders to try out. The first of these operators is Vigil. Chul “Vigil” Kyung Hwa is a


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