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Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC Announced

Battlefield 4 has new DLC coming this fall, called Community Operations. This free DLC includes a map that was part of their Community Map Project, which they originally announced earlier this year. The Community Map Project was an initiative where DICE built a Battlefield 4 map alongside the community, from

Xbox now supports 12 person party chat

Both Xbox One and the Xbox App on Windows 10 have been updated to now support up to 12 people in the party chat. As one of the most requested features on the Xbox Feedback website, Microsoft have implemented an 4 person increase in the party chat feature, raising the overall

AT Spotlight – dhmoose

Today we are joined by none other than dhmoose, currently Assistant Trainer for Battlefield. Moose is a well known TG Veteran for his work across many division and the Training Office. His well know Ranger Program, now know as the newly implemented TLDC course. Moose has been around for just


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