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GTA V Christmas Holiday Recruitment Contest

GTA V Christmas Recruitment Contest  GTA V has announced a Christmas Holiday Recruitment Contest for all members within the TG The Contest is being run by the GTA Division Officer dhmoose and Staff. The Contest started on December 17th 2014 and ends January 3rd 2015 Rules: Recruit must mention your

Weekly Forum Shoutouts – Week 19

Here are your Top 3 Weekly Forum Shoutouts from around the TG Community. Starting off. From our General Discussion forum. We bring you a Shoutout for the TG Highlights 2014 thread. This thread included some questions that will be used in an article(s) at the end of December. If you would like to

Minecraft Story Mode is Coming

Mojang have announced today the introduction of a Story Mode for the hit game, Minecraft, titled Minecraft: Story Mode. Revealed today in an interactive press release called Info Quest II, Mojang reveal that they are working in collaboration with Telltale Games, the studio behind the recent release of the Game

Project CARS – Coming March 2015

For those of you that enjoy having a great time with intense racing fun, Project CARS will be the game for you! The upcoming racing game is made by Slightly Mad Studios and will be utilizing the Madness game engine. Project CARS was scheduled to be released for Steam, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360,

When will Payday 2 get Console DLC’s?

OVERKILL Software, creators of The Walking Dead (The Video Game) are infamous for their video game, Payday 2 on PC. For those of you who are unsure of what Payday 2 is, it is a video game based in Washington D.C about a heist crew that robs banks, stores, armoured trucks, homes,


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Here are the Weekly Forum Shoutouts for Week 19. These are good and I really suggest checking it out. #TGNews...
Minecraft: Story Mode is coming 2015! #TGNews #Minecraft...

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