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A Blast from the Past – TG HaloHobo

Welcome back for the third edition of ‘A Blast from the Past’ where I visit with members from our community and discuss their all-time favorite games. This article is a real great treat because I got to interview a close friend of mine, TG HaloHobo. TG HaloHobo, as you probably

Tactical Gaming’s Fantasy Football Team

Here at Tactical Gaming we love football, so much so that the Public Relations Office is going to host a National Football League Fantasy Football team for the 2015-2016 season! I have been given the privilege to tell you all about it! The Public Relations Assistants that will be working on the

Division Spotlight – Fifa Division

When it comes to Soccer games, there aren’t many that stand out, especially with the Fifa franchise dominating the market. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Fifa is supported by TG with it’s own division in Tactical Sports. Today, I’m speaking with several members of the Fifa Division

Top 5 Nintendo NX Rumors So Far

When it comes to the console wars between Sony and Microsoft, no one ever thinks of Nintendo to combat in a Smash Bros three way battle. Probably because everyone thought the Wii U was a bad console and considering we have entered a new generation at the time and Nintendo

CO Spotlight – TG_Fade2Blacc

In every organization comes a chain of command and TG is no exception. From Division Officers to Squad Staff, the CoC of TG are vital in the everyday running of TG. This week Community News Team writer, Baxstar12, interviews the Commanding Officer of 2nd battalion in Battlefield PS3 brigade and


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