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Xbox Rundown

Xbox Rundown James McAdams @ xIRONMANmkVIIx Console News Xbox Services – After a teeth-pulling weekend for some users, the Xbox live services are now back and running at optimal levels. New Information regarding Winter UI update –  A little under five months away but that is no reason to not release information regarding

Hulk Hogan Dropped from WWE 2K16

It comes to no surprise that infamous Wrestler Hulk Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, will no longer be appearing in the upcoming wrestling game, WWE 2K16. Hulk Hogan, who rose to fame during the 80s becoming WWF’s biggest wrestling star, was fired by WWE earlier this week after making racist

Pro Gamers to be Drug Tested

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) are going to start testing pro gamers for doping from next month. Considering gaming pretty much involves sitting down and holding a controller, you would think there wouldn’t be much point doping involved compared to athletic sports but there in fact some performance enhancing drugs


Hulk Hogan dropped from WWE 2K16 #TGNews #HulkHogan...
Pro Gamers getting tested for Performance Enhancing Drugs #TGNews...

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