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SA Spotlight – TG-Calibrate

In this Squad Assistant Spotlight, the series where we interview TG members from around the divisions, we were able to interview TG-Calibrate, DEST Division / PS4bde / 1st / SA [quote] My name is Justin im 18 years old from the newly opened destiny division and am the proud squad assistant of Taurus Squad.

Daily Gaming Feed

Once again we are here to address today’s most recent news, and without further hesitation, here it is: Far Cry 4 Website Updated Ubisoft has recently updated Far Cry 4’s website with a much more interactive replacement. The official website can be found here. Walking Dead Delayed For Europe In

Civilization: Beyond Earth – Ready to Launch

Sid Meier, the self proclaimed guru of strategy has done it again. The Canadian programmer and developer known wildly for his “Civilization” franchise is taking the series back to the final frontier. Not since Civilization’s “Alpha Centauri” sequel have players been able to take their nation to the edge of

Daily Gaming Feed

Welcome fellow news vultures to yet another Daily Gaming Feed. Free DLC for Mordor . Indeed, Monolith has release some DLC free of charge to those luckey enough to enjoy the Middle Earth masterpiece. An article on the topic can be found here. The official site can be found here.


RT @Strebeck: Dying from laughter at my desk watching @PwamCider try to figure how to stay vegetarian in #Minecraft @PlayStation @ExtraLife
RT @Echo1scout: Extra life charity is going on right now With civ beyond earth come check it out! @TacticalGaming
Today we talk about the announcement of 3 new Titanfall gamemodes. #TGNews...
Today we talk about the announcement of 3 new Titanfa

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