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Destiny Lays Out Its Destiny

Early in February, Bungie published what amounted to a ‘road map’ of coming updates to Destiny 2, beginning with patches in the near future and beyond, to improve the playing experience for its fans. At the end of January, patch v1.1.2 added Masterworks armor and additional raid rewards. Patch v1.1.3

EA May Lose the Rights to Star Wars

EA May Lose the Rights to Star Wars Since EA acquired the exclusive rights to make Star Wars video games back in 2013, the publisher hasn’t met the expectations of Disney/Lucasfilm in making a success of the franchise. So far, we’ve had two questionable Battlefront games and one cancelled single-player

TG Recon – Band of Brothers 1

Every once in a while, those of us here on The News Team want to share with you moments we’ve stumbled into where TG members share their thoughts, perspectives and feelings on a whole range of subjects — mostly, as we find them in discussions in the Discord channels. We’ll

Executive Officer Spotlight – ShepTargaryen

Executive Officer Spotlight – ShepTargaryen   Hello TG B3AR checking in. Today, I’ve an exclusive interview with ShepTargaryen, RainbowSixSeige/XB1/2nd Executive Officer.   TGB3AR:  You have previously been in Tactical Gaming before, would you mind telling us about the positions you held in the past. ShepTargaryen: I was originally the first squad

League of Legends cranks up the competition

League of Legends cranks up the competition League of Legends are introducing all manner of competition over the next month or so, including TG representatives and external groups. Using the Battlefy e-sports website on behalf of Gaming League, Praevius and AceBoomdog in the LoL Division are co-ordinators of these tournaments,

Fortnite – Trial Phase Update #1

This a series about Fortnite and other Divisions that are in trial phase, where we will look at what is going well, what can improve, and what divisions need in order to pass the 5 month trial period. Fortnite is Tactical Warfare’s newest division. We launched a week ago and

CoC Spotlight – AceBoomdog

Moose checking in for Tactical Gaming News! Today we have a spotlight with AceBoomdog, current Squad Leader of the epically named Twisted Fate Squad in League of Legends Division. Initially this was to be a member spotlight, but before this could be published, AceBoomdog received a promotion so this turned

Thank you for your service – Typicalveteran

Hello fellow gamers. As we all know, our community is filled with veterans and active service members. In this second installment in this series to recognize these individuals who enhance our community, we interview Typicalveteran. He is a soldier in the United States Army and leads the Destiny Division as it’s

ATO – TLDC Instructors

For service to the community above and beyond the call of duty; for the continued growth with learning, training, and self-improvement; for the propagation of a theory for leadership and its influence over a great many members, this is a thank you for your dedication as instructors for a very

MOBA Paragon to Shut Down This April

Epic Games has announced that they will be shutting down their free-to-play MOBA “Paragon”, with the servers going offline April 26th. A while back, the developers posted on the Paragon Reddit page, titled: “An Open Discussion On Where We’re At”, casting doubts over the future of the game. They admitted


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Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms (Consoles, PC & Mobile), to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics, as well as providing them with an environment that allows a “friends-first” experience in the online community.