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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Is Coming!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Is On The Way. Activision has finally announced the new game, in the award-winning series, will be released on Friday, October 12th, a full month earlier than previous games. Call of Duty games are normally released in November, but Activision wanted to get the

TG’s Twitch and Mixer Program

Are you interested in becoming a streamer for/or supported by TG? Well we have some good news for you. TG’s Twitch and XBOX ONE’s Mixer program has started up! You can choose between getting your channel hosted at a designated time or supporting the community even more by becoming a

TWC Q&A Announcement!

The Public Relations Office are excited to announce a Q&A event in which you, the community, can ask the Tactical Warfare Command anything you’d like. If you want to know DBL’s favorite game, or where HaloHobo sees TG in the next five years, this is your best chance. We’ll be hosting

After Action Reports – Operation TOTAL WAR

Hello Tactical Gaming!  Moose checking in for another After Action Reports.  This time I explore the recent BF1 Operation TOTAL WAR.  A battle to end all battles, this Brigade level operation was designed to get both Battalions more familiar with each other in addition to promoting more teamwork and practicing

XBOX ONE Spring Update

XBOX is getting an UPDATE!! From the XBOX Dev Team… arrives new updated features… this Spring! Higher Resolution, XBOX ONE and XBOX ONE S now supports 1440p for your Games and your various media. If you’re into your XBOX MIXER, this update will now let you share your controller with

Waiting For That Anthem To Sound

At E3 2017, EA and Bioware wowed their audience with the announcement and trailer for a new IP, entitled Anthem. And while more details since then have been thin on the ground (expect to hear more at E3 and EA Play 2018), there are a few things about the game

TG Apex Reach Top 3 In Qualifiers

Hey, everyone! Boyo checking in. You may have read the Attention to Orders (ATO) about this, but here’s the inside story: TG’s Rocket League Apex squad has recently participated in the RLRS qualifiers which is the biggest event in Rocket League and placed a very respectful top 3 and top

What You Want to Read 2

Ever have an organization, company or service ask you for your feedback? After you take the time to give it, you don’t hear another thing from them until they ask the same question again a year or two later? Not so, TG. In late November of 2017, the Public Relations

PRH Spotlight – CallumJTyler147

PRH Spotlight – CallumJTyler147   TG SirMadness checking in with an interview with TG’s very own Public Relations Head, TG Callum / CallumJtyler147 Nearly 5 years in TG, Callum has accomplished alot in his TG Career: A Call of Duty Veteran,  Sitting as Brigade Commander for Call of Duty’s PS4

Destiny Lays Out Its Destiny

Early in February, Bungie published what amounted to a ‘road map’ of coming updates to Destiny 2, beginning with patches in the near future and beyond, to improve the playing experience for its fans. At the end of January, patch v1.1.2 added Masterworks armor and additional raid rewards. Patch v1.1.3

TG Recon – Band of Brothers 1

Every once in a while, those of us here on The News Team want to share with you moments we’ve stumbled into where TG members share their thoughts, perspectives and feelings on a whole range of subjects — mostly, as we find them in discussions in the Discord channels. We’ll

Executive Officer Spotlight – ShepTargaryen

Executive Officer Spotlight – ShepTargaryen   Hello TG B3AR checking in. Today, I’ve an exclusive interview with ShepTargaryen, RainbowSixSeige/XB1/2nd Executive Officer.   TGB3AR:  You have previously been in Tactical Gaming before, would you mind telling us about the positions you held in the past. ShepTargaryen: I was originally the first squad


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