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Tips, Tricks, and Secrets of Pokemon Go!

Tips, Tricks, and Secrets of Pokemon Go! Nintendo’s new Pokemon game, Pokemon Go, is a hit of its time. Releasing earlier this month, Pokemon Go alone has already added 10% to Nintendo stock and added an extra $7.5 million to Nintendo’s market value, and the game still has people hooked. The

Xbox One S Release Date!

Xbox One S Release Date Microsoft finally announced the official release of the Xbox One S, it rolls onto shelf’s on August 2, 2016 within Selected regions, they have not specified which regions these will be. The first version of the Xbox One S to be released is the $400

Star Wars Battlefront Recruitment Contest

  StarWars Battlefront Division is: Announcing Star Wars Episode II Recruitment Contest Begins today July 7th at 8pm EST 2016 1st Prize Apple Ipad Ipad case a stand and keyboard includes 4 angry bird apps. and all the cables! And your choice of any game under $40 2nd Prize  PS

Kerbal Space Program coming to Next-Gen Consoles!

Kerbal Space Program coming to Next-Gen Consoles! First off, what is Kerbal Space Program?   Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is a multi-ganre game where players create their own space program Developed by Squad, the game has different game modes which includes engineering, logistics, physics and exploration. you can play the Career

ATO – TG Epsi – New HTO

To all who shall see these presents, greeting: Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of TG Epsi I do appoint this member the position of Tactical Gaming Head Training Officer in Tactical Gaming This appointee will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of


About TG

Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms (Consoles, PC & Mobile), to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics, as well as providing them with an environment that allows a “friends-first” experience in the online community.