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Xbox Rundown

Console News E3 Press conference – Microsoft has reported that its conference will last roughly ninety minutes. This is longer than previous attendances at the E3 which would, in normality, progress for about an hour. White Xbox – If you are one of the many pestering for a special edition

BF/360/2nd Battalion Tournament Results

Here it is folks, the results of the 2nd Battalion Battlefield scrimmages! Alongside the announcement of the winner, I also had the opportunity to speak with several participants of the tournament. First and foremost, though the winning squad was Cornwall. They played Staffordshire in the final game in both Domination and Conquest. In the end, Cornwall came

Weekly Fix of Gaming News

It seems to be Sunday again guys, and Welcome to the 20th Weekly Fix of 2015! Now, shall we get to the good stuff? Battlefield 4 Patch Coming Tuesday See? When I wrote the article about Battlefield 4: Final Stand not being the last update to the game, I wasn’t

PlayStation Weekly

  Come one, come all as we—after this two-week hiatus—will again tackle the latest deals, offers, and news regarding PlayStation this week. Deals and Discounts Destiny is currently discounted by 50%  White Night is currently discounted by 30%  Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved is currently discounted by 30%  What’s New

Xbox Rundown

Console News E3 Xbox FanFest 2015 – In the afternoon after the morning E3 press conference xbox will be holding on June 15th,  hosted by Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb and Graeme “Acey Bongos” Boyd with special guests from Crystal Dynamics, 343 Industries and many others with 500 tickets handed out to


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